Con Artist Review – Lori Moreno

Jane Meade, Jeanette Joy, Lori Moreno, Maryanne Wendt, Debbie Miller

I was pleasantly surprised while viewing Con Artist at Joy Film Events. First of all, the Hosts, Jeanette and Ron, were very gracious, the venue beautiful, and very comfortable.  The snacks were delicious, especially the popcorn being popped in an old fashioned popcorn machine.

I didn’t know what to expect, especially with the title “Con Artist.” Loved how this documentary told the story of an entrepreneurial artist and how he created and lost and rebuilt his art empire. It was especially interesting how he marketed himself, sometimes in quite odd ways LOL.

I would highly recommend this film to people who enjoy documentaries, artists and marketers.

Thank You for a Fabulous Evening.

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  1. MaryAnne says:

    It’s always a pleasure to see Jeanette. She’s an amazing hostess and draws a wonderful crowd. Lori — I love that I get to see you at Jeanette’s parties! xoxo

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